Some NASA Issues, Congressional help needed.

by nasaaave

Some NASA Issues:

The Nations Treasure that took US to the Moon, and operated the Space shuttle. This National investment in space infrastructure is being trashed, or given away, dismantled.

The nations 100 Billion dollar program the ISS is now fully in jeopardy.

Commercial Cargo claimed a success, in truth a complete failure.

Commercial Crew taxpayer funds continue to be spent on this dry hole.

Orion & SLS programs funds spent, little to show for it.

NASA used to stand for space exploration. Today NASA space exploration funds have been diverted and are now used to promote “Climate Change”.

Very little congressional oversight, Sweetheart deals, Corruption, money spent on worthless junk science projects.


To: The Honorable Ted Cruz Ranking member,

Marco Rubio

Subcommittee on Science and Space

From: Concerned Citizens

NASA Pad 39A

Sir, You have no Political Future…..

Hope that got your attn as you need to act fast, under this crisis you are deeply involved with.

You are part of a committee that oversees NASA. NASA is being dismembered as part of the Obama Administration’s plans.

NASA is a National treasure, and this destruction is taking place right in front of your eyes, and under oversight. If you seek higher office, the Nation will not forgive you for the destruction under your watch.

Our National treasure and millions upon millions of taxpayer funds were put into the development of the launch complexes at the cape. Pad 39A that launched our men to the moon and is a heritage site has been given to Elon Musk and SpaceX. This I ask you sir, to halt any destruction of this historical launch pad. If you look right now you will see the twin Pad that was used in the moon program, and the space shuttle is now just a hole in the ground.

Our historic treasure is being looted to enrich a private individual Mr. Elon Musk. When the pad is gone, its gone! Save it !!!

The fix: Fight for what is right.

1) get a congressional hold on this project

2) Put into the law Pad 39A status is a backup launch pad, until Pad 39B is up and operational and SLS is launching.

3) Since we have a Crisis with Russia, and its being used as an excuse to obtain additional taxpayer funding for more failed “commercial” programs. We also have no means to launch our men from US soil. The commercial crew program won’t become operational until 2017, and I hear it’s now 2018.


Replies will be posted as they come in