Follow the SpaceX Money

by nasaaave

In the Watergate days a term was coined “Follow the money”

This blog post deals with NASA, national defense satellite launches, maybe even taking advantage of the current problems of Ukraine.

Questions need answers: Consistence, or a cleverly orchestrated plan? Way to many actions that are happening are in need of investigation.

Elon Musk is suing the US government in the form of the US Air Force. He wants to use his SpaceX rocket to launch our most important Spy and National defense Satellites.

“Shelton also reminded SpaceX that the Air Force is pouring $60 million and have put 100 people to work to see if they can certify Musk’s Falcon 9 rocket as safe and reliable enough to carry the “precious” and very expensive national security satellites into orbit.”

The latest filing of this lawsuit continues to make claims dealing with the Russian engine the RD-180.
Another blog will cover the chronology of the RD-180.

This blog will deal with the $$ spent to undermine the use of this engine with Elon Musk’s competitor ULA.

Some general questions are in order in the time.  Should we be taking advantage of the problems in Ukraine ?  When the nation needs all its intelligence assets, should anyone try and prevent rocket launches made in the National interest, and the nations defense?
Read fully the lawsuit and come to your own conclusions.
Focusing on the Money, and this Russian engine story we find.

1) This lawsuit
2) National Press conferences & spin to the public  Video

3) A political stunt in front of congress.
Full video and text

4) Pac Money going to selected Senators, and actions taken in return?
Bill Nelson Dem Chairman comes along and continues the lie regarding the LM Atlas V rocket engine the RD-180 “special metal, brazing” etc.
The Feinstein Letter
signed by (all have received SpaceX Pac money)
Dianne Feinstein, United States Senator
Barbara Boxer, United States Senator
Tom Udall, United States Senator
Martin Heinrich, United States Senator
Mark Warner, United States Senator
Roger Wicker, United States Senator
Claire McCaskill, United States Senator
“The Defense Department will perform some kind of review of the dependence of the US on the Russian-manufactured RD-180 engine, Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel told a House committee on Thursday.”

5) Continuous Pac money and Lobbying
6) More money.

“While NASA dollars have moved into the pockets of SpaceX, we now know that Elon Musk is an Obama bundler.  Yesterday I had a conversation with a Congressman who revealed to me that Musk is a big Obama friend and bundler.   Musk has been skimming federal largess in more than just his space enterprises.  He’s also skimming tax dollars for his car company, Tesla.”
“Elon Musk, CEO and chief designer of SpaceX and CEO and product architect of Tesla Motors”