Obama’s Space Gamble

by nasaaave

Not sure if notable Professor, and communicator Michio Kaku had a chance to read this blog. He confirms many of the points made on this page: Epic Fail Obama’s Commercial Crew Program http://wp.me/p4D0Vn-U

On May 30, 2014 Michio Kaku appeared on the CBS show “This Morning”


Mr. Kaku agrees that Obama gambled with the US space program.


He agreed SpaceX’s Dragon won’t be operational for “3-4 years” that’s 2017-2018

He warned that “We are subject to blackmail from the Russians”

Warned The US “could be left homeless” from the ISS.


Warned, “It’s a race against time”


Mr. Kaku also suggested we needed to “have this operational before 2018”.

As pointed out in the previous blog post this program was to have demonstration flights in 2014.

With the Russian threats we need an operational spacecraft in 2015! That being said Obama’s Gamble with Commercial Crew is a Epic Failure