Election Over

by nasaaave

Been some time for posts and much has taken place. It’s come time for review and look to the future.

As this post is written the election in the USA over, and a new president will take the oath of office on January 20th 2017.

Many posts have been written, and never finished as no one cared. They were never put up on this site Maybe the next transition we can look back and look at what the new administration hopes to bring in.

NASA transition Trump
Wow a Mars Video on this one.

Stories found today

NASA Outlines Planetary-Protection Priorities

Space Poop?

Hate to be the butt of jokes but this is going to a place. Hey you got to go, you have to go.
Some strange videos in the article, but maybe a way to make some extra cash who knows?
Looked it up and these are the rules