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Month: December, 2016

“STEAM” our new movement/agency

While we slept we have another new movement, and or agency? Its named “STEAM”

STEAM is a movement championed by Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) and widely adopted by institutions, corporations and individuals.

“STEM to STEAM is a RISD-led initiative to add Art and Design to the national agenda of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) education and research in America. STEM + Art = STEAM. The goal is to foster the true innovation that comes with combining the mind of a scientist or technologist with that of an artist or designer.”

NASA is fully involved with this new program, yet many questions and issues come up regarding the extension of NASA into the arts. NASA has some education interests within its Charter.  NASA has used Hollywood for educating the public regarding missions. Yet now Hollywood seems to be getting richer at the tax payers expense.

While the current Movie from National Geographic on Mars promotes “Space”
One might wonder how much taxpayer funds etc. from NASA have gone into it. On the face of it the Ngeo Mars looks to be a Hollywood money making operation, but you make your own judgements.
Let’s stretch this …what’s next, NASA funding of film schools for more accurate space movies?
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Let’s review this new “STEAM”
STEM + Art and Design
(Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)

See the article (this site) on STEM “ Common Core’s Big Brother STEM”

Preparing for Mars

“Another key consideration was budget. Materials costs totaled approximately $10,000, which is a small fraction of the $1-million+ price tag affixed to actual NASA space suits. Funding from HI-SEAS and a NASARhode Island Space Grant made the project possible and the hard components ­– including the composite torso piece – were made with molds manufactured by a local ship-building company. “

Links within the article

“In mid April the 2016 RISD Rover Team added to a six-year string of strong performances at the NASA Human Exploration Rover Challenge, winning two awards and clocking the fastest finish yet for a RISD squad. College teams from around the world participate in the annual competition, designing, constructing and then racing lightweight vehicles capable of managing the tough terrains NASA vehicles navigate on Mars and elsewhere around the galaxy. “

Designing for Deep Space

“RISD’s artists and designers are attempting to answer a question that’s had NASA engineers scratching their heads for decades: how do you make a glove tough enough to withstand the moon’s harsh atmosphere while allowing the hand to move freely? In the Wintersession course Designing Space Gloves for NASA – a studio offered by RISD’s Apparel and Industrial Design departments – students are pairing up to create functional prototypes that can weather the unearthly elements of deep space.  “

Read On you find 5 more linkages


NASA No bucks, no Buck Rogers

For a prospective on NASA you need to review the Budget.
Fiscal Year 2016 is in full force and new contracts for FY 2017 are being awarded every day.

Fiscal Year 2016 Budget

This is the current NASA focus “MARS”

Now this is special from Congress FY2016

“As part of the omnibus bill, NASA’s approved budget amounts to nearly $19.3 Billion – an outstandingly magnificent result and a remarkable turnaround to some long awaited good news from the decidedly negative outlook earlier this year.
This budget represents an increase of some $750 million above the Obama Administration’s proposed NASA budget allocation of $18.5 Billion for Fiscal Year 2016, and an increase of more than $1.2 Billion over the enacted budget for FY 2015.”

President Obama proposes $19 billion for NASA in fiscal 2017 budget

The Transition “Change”

But Before we begin both administrations come in with one common theme “Change”

Monday, September 29, 2008 – Barack Obama, We Need Change speech.

Donald Trump: Things have to change Right Now!

When George Bush left his office many NASA contracts ,and programs were in force. Contracts within NASA run on into each new administration for years. This happened when the Obama administration came into office and this will ring true for the Trump Administration.

A very good example of these zombie like programs:

“NASA’s Tower of Pork Protected by Politician ($44.5 million)
“The $350 million A-3 rocket testing tower completed this year at Stennis Space Center in Mississippi stands as 300-foot tall monument to NASA’s current state of affairs. Now that the tower is completed it has no purpose, but will continue to cost taxpayers.
The tower is ‘a relic of President George W. Bush’s Constellation program,’ that was intended to send astronauts “back to the moon and beyond” which was canceled by President Obama in 2010.”
Read More:

Mississippi’s ‘Tower of Pork’ costs taxpayers $352 million
This one will even zombie on into the Trump Administration according to the article.

“The tower, which was supported by U.S. Sen. Roger Wicker, R-Miss., with an amendment slipped into NASA’s budget in 2010, will cost the agency about $1.5 million to $1.75 million annually to maintain the structure. “

Both articles are based off
“U.S. Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., issues an annual report on federal government waste, the “Wastebook,” and NASA’s A-3 rocket test tower made the list of 100 “silly, unnecessary and low-budget” projects, which add up to $25 billion. “

None of the wastebook links work, so this one does.

Also notable in this article is this report from the Inspector General

“But the “Tower of Pork” isn’t the only wasteful facility in the NASA inventory. According to a report by the NASA Inspector General’s office, the agency has identified 203 facilities the agency’s mission directorates had no use for after 2012.”

The IG report can be found:

Time of Transition

From the Administration of Obama, to the New president starting in January 2017. This is the time of transition.

Things are so confused today, stressed, exhausting. NASA has always been the crown jewel of the USA. NASA has been one of the few government agencies that most parties agree to support. The agency has obtained increases. Other agencies have gone wanting. NASA is that one special agency within the US government that directly reflects the vision of the person elected to the oval office.

This will NOT be sugar coated, renamed, or re-spun for someone’s agenda. Just the facts, truth shows itself from leadership, or lack of leadership directly from the Administration, Hard earned, and borrowed American dollars are being spent here folks. The materials posted here come from articles along with direct sources from NASA and other agencies. It’s your responsibility to discover if the articles are “truth” or lies? Intelligent people are free to make up their own minds from the material they read.

The administrator appointed by the new president takes the vision and translates this into multi-million/Billion dollar contracts.

When George Bush left his office many contracts were in force. Contracts within NASA run into each new administration for years. This happened when the Obama administration came into office. Contracts and programs, will also be locked in for the Trump years.

The Obama years will be a look back and also include this transition time. The Trump years will commence when he takes office and submits his vision for space-policy.

Lock into this page as it will be updated and link to pages. Its going to be a wild launch!

ULA just released a ULA 10th Anniversary /Xmas Card

Might be good to end this page with it.

ULA has done many high end NASA launches.

President-Elect Donald Trump Addresses Space

“THANK YOU” Rally in Cincinnati, Ohio (12-1-2016) 50 minutes in, Space is addressed: “We are the nation that won two world wars, that dug out the Panama canal, that put a man on t…

Source: President-Elect Donald Trump Addresses Space

President Donald Trump Addresses Space

“THANK YOU” Rally in Cincinnati, Ohio (12-1-2016)

50 minutes in, Space is addressed:

“We are the nation that won two world wars, that dug out the Panama canal, that put a man on the moon, and satellites all over space. But somewhere along the way, we started thinking small. I’m asking you to dream big again, and bold and daring things for your country will happen once again. I’m asking you to join me in this next chapter of this unbelievable and unprecedented movement, as we work toward prosperity at home, peace abroad, and new frontiers in science, technology, and space.”

President Trump Signs S. 442 5/21/17

NASA EDITION: President Donald Trump Weekly Address to The Nation 3/25/17 The Future Belongs To Us

News events for December 1st 2016

A Soyuz-U rocket launched the Progress MS-04 spacecraft to resupply the International Space Station (ISS Progress 65 mission) on 1 December 2016, at 14:51UTC, from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. Progress MS-04 delivers about 2.5 tons of various cargo, including propellant, water, compressed gases, scientific equipment and components for the life support system.

News release from:
ROSCOSMOS (Russian Space Agency)

December 1, 2016, Soyuz-U launch vehicle (LV) with cargo spacecraft Progress MS-04 was launched from the BAIKONUR Space Center. The LV flight was normal until 382-d seconds. After 382 seconds of flight the receiving Progress MS-04 telemetry data was stopped. Radar stations did not detect the cargo vehicle Progress MS-04 on the calculated orbit.
According to preliminary information, the contingency took place at an altitude of about 190 km over remote and unpopulated mountainous area of the Republic of Tyva. The most of cargo spacecraft fragments burned in the dense atmosphere. The State Commission is conducting analysis of the current contingency. The loss of the cargo ship will not affect the normal operations of the ISS and the life of the station crew.


The Russian space agency Roscosmos has confirmed a Progress cargo resupply spacecraft bound for the International Space Station has been lost. The spacecraft launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan Thursday on a Soyuz rocket, but experienced an anomaly around six and a half minutes into its flight.
Six crew members living aboard the space station are safe and have been informed of the mission’s status. Both the Russian and U.S. segments of the station continue to operate normally with onboard supplies at good levels.
The ISS Progress 65 cargo spacecraft launched on time from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan at 9:51 a.m. EST (8:51 p.m. Baikonur time). The first few minutes of flight were normal, but Russian flight controllers reported telemetry data indicating a problem during third stage operation. The Russians have formed a State Commission and are the source for details on the specific failure cause.
The spacecraft was not carrying any supplies critical for the United States Operating Segment (USOS) of the station. The next mission scheduled to deliver cargo to the station is an H-II Transfer Vehicle (HTV)-6 from the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) on Friday, Dec. 9.
Cargo packed inside the Progress 65 included more than 2.6 tons of food, fuel, and supplies for the space station crew, including approximately 1,400 pounds of propellant, 112 pounds of oxygen, 925 pounds of water, and 2,750 pounds of spare parts, supplies and scientific experiment hardware. Among the U.S. supplies on board were spare parts for the station’s environmental control and life support system, research hardware, crew supplies and crew clothing, all of which are replaceable.


Anatoly Zak Russian Space site (highly recommended,with extended list of cargo)

“Shortly after the planned separation around nine minutes into the flight, NASA quoted the Russian mission control as confirming the deployment of navigation antennas but not solar arrays on the Progress MS-04. Shortly thereafter, Roskosmos confirmed that telemetry from the mission had been interrupted at L+383 seconds. Both agencies had no information on the fate of the spacecraft.
In the meantime, a large explosion in the sky over the Tuva Region of Russia observed, followed by reports of ground shaking and falling debris.”

Kazakhstan (Launch site burn up)

Video witnesses alleged falling cargo ship wreckage Progress MS-04.