Time of Transition

by nasaaave

From the Administration of Obama, to the New president starting in January 2017. This is the time of transition.

Things are so confused today, stressed, exhausting. NASA has always been the crown jewel of the USA. NASA has been one of the few government agencies that most parties agree to support. The agency has obtained increases. Other agencies have gone wanting. NASA is that one special agency within the US government that directly reflects the vision of the person elected to the oval office.

This will NOT be sugar coated, renamed, or re-spun for someone’s agenda. Just the facts, truth shows itself from leadership, or lack of leadership directly from the Administration, Hard earned, and borrowed American dollars are being spent here folks. The materials posted here come from articles along with direct sources from NASA and other agencies. It’s your responsibility to discover if the articles are “truth” or lies? Intelligent people are free to make up their own minds from the material they read.

The administrator appointed by the new president takes the vision and translates this into multi-million/Billion dollar contracts.

When George Bush left his office many contracts were in force. Contracts within NASA run into each new administration for years. This happened when the Obama administration came into office. Contracts and programs, will also be locked in for the Trump years.

The Obama years will be a look back and also include this transition time. The Trump years will commence when he takes office and submits his vision for space-policy.

Lock into this page as it will be updated and link to pages. Its going to be a wild launch!

ULA just released a ULA 10th Anniversary /Xmas Card

Might be good to end this page with it.

ULA has done many high end NASA launches.