NASA needs Russia

by nasaaave

As I update written but unposted materials for this blog site we find everywhere that Russia is being trashed again. We had many months of this, and then returned to normal. Now matters are worse and the message needs to get out.

NASA and the International Space Station need Russia.

A quick look at a fine Russian site indicates Russia is moving forward in 2017
2017: Work restarts on the MLM module

1) Russia is one of our most important partners in the ISS our 150 Billion US Space Lab.
2) Russia supplies their excellent RD-180 rocket engines. This engine is used in the ULA Atlas 5. The Atlas is needed for future Human transport to the ISS with Boeing. This is part of the commercial crew program. See

3) Russia supplies RD-181 engines for use in Commercial Cargo Program. It’s used in the Antares rocket.

4) Currently, there are major problems in the Commercial Crew program at NASA.The big question becomes, will Russia continue to sell transport seats via their Soyuz to the ISS?

This April 2014 article from the Washington Post covers many of the items, and makes for a good read.
NASA is cutting ties with Russia. But it’s not that simple.

“The White House move underscores just how reliant NASA is on Russia for crucial parts of the U.S. space program. It’s a competitive-turned-cooperative relationship that dates back to – and is viewed through the lens of – the Cold War. And it’s one that is getting increased scrutiny from politicians as the United States grapples with how to handle Russia after its annexation of Crimea.  Here are four points that explain the relationship between the two countries.”