Obama gifts Putin 1 Billion NASA tax dollars.

by nasaaave

This comes from the NASA site “a-journey-of-eight-years”

How can a non operational program “allow us to continue to reach low-earth orbit” ? The Obama Administration has made Blackmail with Russia possible. See posting.. “We are subject to blackmail from the Russians”


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Commercial Crew and Cargo Program (link above)


John McCain (paraphrasing) has clearly stated any monies sent to Russia would go into Putin and his cronies hands. See


Administrator Bolden has clearly stated that If Congress provides the funding for Commercial Crew Program no more funds would be sent for seats on the Russian Soyuz.


Congress did its job, and the Obama Administration failed in its duty and management of the Commercial Crew Program.   This failure caused a slip in the schedule, and cost overruns when just shy of 500 million went to Russia for transport seats to the ISS.

This is clearly stated by the OIG materials located here:


Now the same failure returns and another round of transport purchases from Russia is needed.